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The Automobile Grand Prix of Algeria: (1928 - 1937)

During the French colonial period which lasted from 1830 to 1962, Algeria organized 8 Grand Prix Automobile (6 in Algiers and 2 in Oran) and 1 Grand Prix Automobile Sport, from 1928 to 1937.

The Algiers Grand Prix: Circuit de Staouéli (1928, 1929, 1930, 1937)

The first GP of Algeria took place on the Staouéli circuit located about twenty kilometers west of the capital Algiers. The urban type circuit laid out for the occasions is 7.2km long and the races included 50 laps for a distance to be covered of 360km.

- G.P.Sport of Algiers 1928

On the sidelines of the 1st G.P.A. of Algeria, is organized a G.P.A. of Algeria Sport which opposed Sport cars under the same conditions as the 1st G.P.A. from Algeria, the race happened the day before the G.P.A.

Also, on the same day of the G.P.A. Sport is organized the Motorcycle G.P.

- 1st G.P of Algiers 1928

In front of more than 20,000 spectators and notables, the 11 cars selected, mainly Bugatti and Amilcar, took the start at 1:25 p.m. in the Algerian Grand Prix over 50 laps of the Staouéli circuit. The cars were placed in front of the grandstand in order of cubic capacity. The engines were started and the drivers behind the wheel waited for the starting signal. More than 1,000 horses were spinning, eager to begin their race. The moment was really impressive according to those present.

Local hero Lehoux led the race in his Bugatti from start to lap seven, completing the first lap in 3m42s at an average of 116,900km/h. On the third lap, heavy rain fell and the slippery circuit caused Masse (Salmson) and Bucciali (Buc) to crash. When Lehoux stopped on lap seven, Meyer (Bugatti) took the lead. The three Amilcars of Jaquin, Cloître and Dupont battled throughout the race. Meyer retired on lap 37, when Lehoux regained the lead. After 50 laps, Lehoux finished several laps ahead of Cloître and took a lap of honor, Dupont and Jacquin. The Bugatti Drouet and Mrs. Peltzer drivers gave up as well as Clairac (Derby) and Seyfried (Salmson).

- 2nd G.P of Algiers 1929

The 1929 edition took place in slightly rainy weather, but with a larger audience than the first edition with 50,000 spectators. Out of 12 cars entered, nine showed up at the start of the Algerian Grand Prix over 50 laps on the Staouéli circuit. Local hero and former winner Lehoux led the race in his Bugatti from start to finish. Miquel crashed his Bugatti early on, while Avon retired his BNC after nine laps. Dupont (Amilcar) held second place until his car broke down on lap 18, when Eberhardt (Bugatti) inherited second place until his engine failed a few laps before the end. Jaquin (Amilcar), Bouville (Bugatti) and Cloître (Amilcar) took third place on several occasions. In the end, Lehoux finished several laps ahead of Cloître, Jacquin and the last classified Desvaux in the slowest of the Amilcars.

- 3rd G.P of Algiers 1930

A race with a Formula Handicap and Formula Libre.

Winner Philippe Étancelin on Bugatti Type 59.

- 5th G.P of Algiers 1937

Back to the Staouéli circuit (read the previous Algerian G.P. below) for this ultimate Algerian G.P. The much shorter course for a sports car race.

Wimille won his third consecutive victory in Algeria. He rode his Bugatti T59 to victory in moto one and finished second to René Carrière's Delahaye 135CS in moto two.

The Oranie Grand Prix: Circuit ARCOLE (1930, 1932)

Just a few weeks before the G.P. of Algeria the layout of this was drawn, a rivalry between Algiers and Oran is felt for this new G.P. which will do for the French under the “centenary of French Algeria”.

A long circuit of 9,046km and 35 laps has been completed for a total distance of 316.6km with a layout with straight lines favoring speed with good asphalt except for a part which will put the shock absorbers to the test.

- 1st G.P of Oranie 1930