SONACOME M210 winner of the Paris/Dakar Rally 1980 group 3 - Trucks

Updated: Nov 23

The Paris/Dakar in its African version was the biggest Rally in the world. Created in December 1978 with annual editions, it was the meeting not to be missed and which brought together the great drivers and the best vehicles in the world which put both men and mechanics to the test.

Arriving on Lac Rose was therefore a challenge, winning it was more than a fantasy feat.

This is what our national trucks did during the second edition of 1980 (then ephemerally called the Oasis Rally) which lined up for the 1980 edition (1st edition for trucks) three SOMACOME M210 6x6 trucks equipped with a powerful Deutz V8 engine developing 210 horsepower, we finished in 1st, 3rd and 4th place. Only MAN managed to interfere in this group shot to take second place. There were 10 trucks on the list at the start, and only 7 crossed the finish line in Dakar.

The winning crew with truck N°228: Zohra ATAOUAT (deceased 02/25/05) / Hadj Daou BOUKRIF / Mahiedine KALOUA

The winners at the trophy ceremony.

A second participation of SONACOME was planned for the 1982 edition (the winning M210 repainted for this edition in blue and white), but the crew which could not take the departure from Paris needed administrative papers.


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